Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn "Descent from the Cross"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn

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The canvas was created in 1634

Rembrandt never expresses direct protest. But, the ideal of man created by him is completely contrary to the reality of that time.

In his paintings show real passions. Theatrical drama is miraculously replaced by the events that actually occur in life. That is what we see in the legendary picture of the artist.

The canvas depicts night. Depressing silence reigns. A crowd of people surrounds Christ, who is crucified on the cross. They all came here to take their teacher on the last journey. People very carefully remove the body of Christ.

We see a man who climbed on a ladder and pulls out nails. Other people neatly hold the body. At this time, women are busy preparing the bed. All actions are very slow. A respectful mournful silence reigns. Everyone experiences, but in different ways.

Some people express despair, others express sorrow, and others express horror. But all those present are sensitively aware of how significant the event is taking place. The old man who accepts the body grieves endlessly. Mary was completely exhausted. She is no longer able to stand, and she falls without feeling right into the hands of the people around her. Striking pallor of her face and lifelessly hanging brush.

The picture attracts viewers with the truth of life and incredible penetration. Only a little exaggerated gestures and movements remind of baroque hobbies. The rest of the picture is as realistic as possible.

In this work of the painter, an important idea sounds that people can be brought together by some severe trials or great events in life. In the art of the artist completely new trends arose. The canvas anticipates the drama of incredible depth, which will go through in later masterpieces.

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