Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Spring"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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In 1921, the Russian artist Kustodiev was already bedridden due to a serious illness. But the painting "Spring" written by him during this period looks like a real anthem of cheerfulness. Bright, pastel, like sweet and sugar-powdered houses, heaven and earth, people and animals - everything in the picture is an embodiment of a sweet childhood dream.

The artist wrote "Spring" as a symbol of the new birth, awakening and resurrection of nature and all life. The plot of the picture is filled with events. Wadded clouds float across the soft blue horizon, reflected in a movable stream of meltwater. A man on a wooden bar offers help to two bewildered ladies in the middle of a flooded stretch of street.

Peasant everyday life is boiling in the right part of the picture: a woman rolls a barrel, a guy grazes geese, pecking hens are visible in the open gates of the courtyard, two more men are working on the roof, children are frolic, an elderly man with a dog goes about his business.

Trade boils to the left, a coachman transports a passenger through an educated, shallow rivulet. Against the background of all this activity, domes of churches are visible in a foggy haze. The kingdom of plants throughout the picture is diluted with the animal kingdom. Even on a branch of a high birch, Kustodiev did not forget to plant a lonely bird.

In "Spring" everything moves, blossoms and sings. You look at it, and you feel the fresh frosty spring breeze, you hear the human noise and the voices of animals. And all this is so harmonious, harmonious, as if one big Russian soul is described here.

"Spring" gives the viewer a feeling of joyful awakening. The artist worked on the canvas from memory, and looking at the result of painstaking work, you understand how impressed he was once with the first spring floods, nature and the Slavic people, that reality was conveyed with such love and accuracy.

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