Description of the painting by William Hogarth "Girl with Shrimp"

Description of the painting by William Hogarth

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The painting by William Hogarth, “The Shrimp Girl,” stored in the National Gallery, is worthy of special admiration. It is a component of the cycle “The Adventure of the Hang”, where the author tried to display the modern image of the middle class. The picture was not completed by Hogarts entirely due to his imminent death. However, this did not affect her recognition as a masterpiece of fine art.

The girl, captured in the picture, as if distracted from everyday life, and allowed herself to be caught in her true image. A little funny, but at the same time a thoughtful grimace fills the soul with joy. She, distracted from all worries, looks somewhere in the sky. Something there impressed her highly, and caused happiness on her face. The arrangement of the girls' eyes turned out unevenly, thereby provoking strabismus on the face.

Although who knows, maybe the one who posed for the artist really had such an ailment. Nevertheless, despite such a defect, the eyes look very bright, which, at first, is striking. Then black curls stand out.

The robe does not immediately betray her belonging to a particular class. Initially, it seems that the hat on the girl’s head is characteristic of young ladies in high society. Immediately an illusion is created that the girl has aristocratic facial features. But looking closely, you understand that this is not a hat at all, but a tray. The usual tray that she carries on her head. And then you understand that the girl is serving in some institution.

Given that the tray is not in the hands, it’s clear that this is a cheap eatery in the hot spot of the city or even the suburbs. In fact, a headdress is a cheap scarf, casually draped over its black curls.

On the tray is fallen dishes. This may be a sign of a careless attitude to the girl’s work, or a consequence of raising her head.

Still Life With Drapery

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