Description of Marc Chagall's painting "Birthday"

Description of Marc Chagall's painting

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The painting was painted in 1915.

The artist depicted the best day of the year - his own birthday. Before us are two - a woman and a man. Happiness overwhelms a person; he breaks away from the earth.

It seems that he suddenly felt cramped in such a small room. He rises and floats already somewhere under the ceiling. He throws back the woman's head and very gently whispers something in her ear. Now they both fly up and soar under the ceiling. They so want to fly right through the glass into a huge world that knows no boundaries. A huge sky and majestic clouds attract them and call to themselves.

Chagall is characterized by a special style, as if the pictures were created by a child. This picture shows him most vividly. Creation is imbued with the mood of the holiday. But at the same time, a mystery has also been preserved, which invariably permeates all the painter's work.

Imagine that a male figure would not be distorted. Then the picture probably would not attract such attention. We would take only one look at her, nothing more. The artist uses such an unusual technique to catch our attention as much as possible. We want to consider the work in detail.

Chagall subtly perceives and deeply understands the details. We notice them only because the unusual image of a man prompts us to this.

One of the birthdays was remembered by Chagall.

It is no coincidence that he details all the details. You should also pay attention to the bizarre image that hangs directly above the bed. No less impressive is the deliberate dimming technique that the artist used to simply depict a seemingly simple wall.

We can penetrate the world of Chagall, look at everything with his eyes. This is his understanding of love and family. The uniqueness of the painter's style is striking. It is no coincidence that this picture is one of the author’s favorite works, which is appreciated by true connoisseurs of his work.

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