Description of the painting Giorgione "Country Concert"

Description of the painting Giorgione

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The representative of the so-called Venetian school of painting Giorgione knew a lot about portrayed pastoral landscape. In the painting “Rural Concert” (another name is “Open Air Concert”), such a landscape serves as the background.

Majestic trees with soft outlines of crowns, a calm summer sky with clouds slowly floating through it, a small house in the background and a shepherd grazing goats. All this serene pastoral is in harmony with the flowing lines of the youths' robes and the curvaceous forms of their friends. Colors of clothes are muffled, movements are slow. The youths are completely and completely immersed in music and do not indulge in the contemplation of the sensual beauty of two women whose movements are restrained and calm.

At the same time, the nature in the picture, as it were, submits to art in the person of young men with musical instruments. It seems that the pipe in the hands of one of the women just fell silent, the strings in the hands of the young man tremble still thinly, the sounds of the shepherd's bagpipes come from far away. A trickle of water murmurs quietly in the fountain on which the second woman leaned. The general poetic atmosphere softens the somewhat ambiguous perception of the composition with two naked women, who are either allegorical figures, or courtesans who have gone to nature.

Initially, the picture was distinguished by the balance of warm and cold shades of colors, but the varnish that covered it darkened over time, giving the work a golden color. But this in no way changed the poetic nature of the composition, where the sensuality and joy of being are balanced by a harmonious, even enlightened attitude to life.

The peculiar charm of creativity of Giorgione, whose student was the famous painter Titian, is fully revealed in this picture.

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