Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Self-portrait”

Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Self-portrait”

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The portrait was painted in 1828.

This picture can tell us a lot about the artist. Before us is a man with a strong-willed face. He is dressed in an oriental striped robe. The face is tinted with a bright white collar.

The strokes are so gorgeous that the surface seems mirrored. The viewer wants to pay attention to all the subtleties of this portrait, consider the tiniest features of the shades and understand the role of each detail.

The artist is looking directly at us. Most likely, he portrayed himself at the moment when he was creating. An incredible work of thought is read in all facial features. Kiprensky preferred to portray himself at home. He appears before us a little dapper.

The painter painted his eyes very expertly. We see that they are a little reddish. This is the look of a man who is incredibly tired. He seems to want to ask something. A smile on duty froze in the folds of his lips, which for some reason seems a little pathetic.

This is the confession of a tired worker. You can feel that he himself is afraid of the dullness that is clearly read not only in his eyes, but throughout his face. The portrait reveals traits of anxiety and some strange anxiety. Kiprensky conveys them most definitely from a psychological point of view.

If in the artist’s earlier self-portraits one could feel romantic tension, here it completely disappears. In all respects, there is a kind of disappointment. Kiprensky knew that he could capture the movements of life and vigilantly peer into it. Here, he seems to completely forgive life for the fact that it is so harsh.

At this time, the artist was experiencing a deep depression. Viewers can read on the self-portrait even a certain fear of the artist. The painter’s efforts were not appreciated. Spectators can read in the eyes of the hero the painter’s bitterness about the fact that they do not want to understand him.

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