Description of the painting by Tatyana Nazarenko “Church of the Ascension on Nezhdanova Street”

Description of the painting by Tatyana Nazarenko “Church of the Ascension on Nezhdanova Street”

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The artist creates a series of bright paintings, among which this magnificent canvas stands out. We see one of the temples of Moscow. It was built in honor of the Ascension of Christ.

This church is located unusually. It is located in the place where three roads intersect at once.

Nazarenko looks at the building on the right a little at an angle. The viewer can see the church itself and the territory that is adjacent to it. It is a well-known fact that temples have never been built for nothing. The choice of location of the church was not accidental.

You can see the territory with trees growing on it. The branches are already completely bare, and the ground is covered in snow. It is to be assumed that we are seeing early spring. We see neither cars nor people on the sidewalk. The church occupies the center of this picture. All other buildings that are located nearby seem to be a heap of incomprehensible fragments.

The church building consists of two floors.

A small extension, consisting of one floor, is depicted in the foreground of this canvas. Behind the two-story building you can see another extension. If we look a little further, we will notice the fence that encloses the courtyard of the church. On the left is the bell tower. Her arches are really impressive, and the cross is lost somewhere above. Red walls and white snow give the temple an elegant look.

Nazarenko creates an emphasis on the church not only through composition. She also skillfully distinguishes her with the help of red and white tones. But the artist also complements the picture with other shades. The canvas seems to glow. This elegant look is given to her by shades of yellow, green and lilac. It can be assumed that the canvas depicts the afternoon. The snow has already melted on the road under the wheels of cars. Black paint is selected for the road.

Nazarenko creates an unusual picture. It seems that the church she depicted. This is the true embodiment of the Ascension Day.

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