Description of the painting Domenico Ghirlandaio "Portrait of an old man with a grandson"

Description of the painting Domenico Ghirlandaio

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Ghirlandaio creates an incredibly realistic portrait. Whom he portrayed, this fact remained a mystery. The artist was able to create an incredibly touching image of a boy. Curls of golden color are knocked out from under the red cap. He clung to his grandfather. It seems that the child is looking for protection or wants to ask him about something.

The painter depicts an old man without embellishing him. Grandfather looks at his grandson very tenderly, with love. At the same time, gaze feels admiration and subtle bitterness. The whole appearance of the hero is spiritualized.

The artist focuses on the mutilated nose of the hero. Our gaze involuntarily attracts this impressive object. But around a huge number of shades of emotions. Yes, the old man is ugly. But he loves the child, and our attitude towards the hero is completely changing.

The window is open. In it you can see the perfect landscape in every way. This is how nature was portrayed during the Renaissance. We see hills and rocks in the distance. A river flows through a picturesque valley. This is a real paradise.

The painter draws a clear parallel between nature and the relations of grandfather and grandson. They are really harmonious and beautiful.

The portrait is attractive in similarity and the huge difference between the child and the old man.

Impressive skill Ghirlandaio. Red and brown colors predominate on the portrait. The old man has red clothes, and the boy has the same shade of a hat. The artist lovingly prescribes all the facial features of his heroes. To do this, he selects the appropriate shades. The viewer feels that the old man and the boy are alive. It seems that the portrait is voluminous.

The background is deliberately darkened. We see only what is happening outside the window. For the painter, only the landscape matters. It allows you to draw parallels with heroes. The rest of the room’s atmosphere absolutely does not play any role.

The artist managed to create an incredibly expressive portrait, striking the naturalness of the senses.

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