Description of the monument to lovers in Kharkov

Description of the monument to lovers in Kharkov

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Monuments to lovers are not a rarity for a long time, because this feeling is the main inspiration for various creations. One of the most unusual and original monuments to people in whose hearts this tender feeling has settled is a sculpture in love in Kharkov. The monument to the victims of the Amur boom is located near the Beketov metro station. It is equipped with the so-called "piglet", which attracts residents and visitors of the city for its comfort and beauty. They called the small area architects' square, because here you can see the creativity of talented people who can revive dead stones. There is also a monument to lovers.

This is an original sculpture depicting a young guy and a girl standing at a distance from each other, but reaching for each other. Lovers stand on fragments of a sphere resembling a planet. They are far apart, but still their souls touch with a gentle kiss. Around the lovers are the keys of the fountain. Interestingly, initially there was no water around the young people. The idea to surround the kissing lovers came later, when the same lovers began to leave romantic notes right on the monument. It should be noted that this decision exceeded all expectations - water beams illuminated with different colors of illumination make the monument more romantic in love.

As for the history of the monument, a widespread version is according to which the student was the creator of the kissing couple. After the announcement of the competition, the jury received many applications, but the winner was a sketch of a student of the architectural faculty who proposed an original idea. The monument to lovers was opened on September 1 in 2002. Around the kissing couple are miniature copies of the sights of Kharkov.

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