Description of the painting Arkady Rylov “Autumn landscape”

Description of the painting Arkady Rylov “Autumn landscape”

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Oil painting on canvas.

Landscapes are Rylov's favorite paintings. He left a great creative legacy. In his work there are many paintings with Russian nature, but there are also plots with landscapes of other countries. All his works are filled with depth and romanticism. He received recognition among artists, he was recognized as an honored worker of the RSFSR.

His dream was to learn from the famous Kuindzhi, which he did. After which he became his follower. His teacher advised him to always work in kind, and Rylov fulfilled his covenants. This meant that the artist should write, looking at his landscapes or sitters. Rylov, although he wrote a lot in his studio, he previously made sketches in the open air when he was in some places that gave him inspiration.

The painting "Autumn Landscape" shows us our native Russian open spaces and forests. It is filled with light, warmth, romance. It makes us look around and look at nature, because it is so beautiful. Russian birches are famous all over the world, Rylov reflected his love for them on his canvas. From the light tones of the sky, one can understand that that day was warm and sunny. This is the very beginning of autumn, you can still take long walks and enjoy the last days.

The vegetation around has not yet completely turned yellow. Although birch has already prepared for a long winter, but the grass has not yet surrendered to the cold. From the numerous birches and other trees you can understand that the artist painted a landscape in the autumn forest.

Rylov painted nature in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, as well as in Finland. He used saturated colors that give his paintings density, unique color and expressiveness. The artist sought to show all the wealth of Russian nature and soul.

The painting is in storage at the Kostroma State Museum.

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