Description of the picture Zinaida Serebryakova "Harvest"

Description of the picture Zinaida Serebryakova

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Just before the start of the First World War, Russian artist Zinaida Serebryakova was forced to return to her homeland, after an Italian trip.

Arriving at the family estate hidden in the Kharkov province, she immediately begins to work on the images of working peasants. The writing of numerous sketches and paintings begins. During this period, she writes a huge canvas, which she later destroys herself, leaving several small fragments from him.

Based on the initial sketches and sketches, the artist planned to depict in the composition the images of peasants engaged in their usual daily work. Mostly she was occupied with the image of fields and harvests.

However, later the artist completely revises the plot of the picture and decides to portray several peasant women resting or having lunch during the harvest on the field. In particular, Serebryakova takes this decision because of the massive absence of men in the fields, in connection with the upcoming war.

In the created composition, the artist decided to draw four young women, two of whom will be depicted standing, and two - crouched on a haystack. For the landscape, the author chooses golden spikelets and yellow-green not plowed fields, as well as blue calm sky.

The horizon line Zinaida Serebryakova places unnaturally high. In the distance among the fields, behind the branches of trees, are the domes of the local church, as well as houses near the located native village. The artist originally called her painting “Peasant Women in the Field”.

Girls are depicted in traditional peasant clothes with headscarves tied to their heads. Through such colorful folk costumes, the artist Serebryakova was able to convey the ordinary atmosphere of peasant life and get closer to her beloved people.

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