Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “The Boy with Cherries”

Description of the painting by Eduard Manet “The Boy with Cherries”

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The canvas was painted in 1858.

Eduard Manet is a great French artist. He also engaged in engraving, was one of the founders of impressionism.

At the beginning of the formation of his creative career, Manet began to work together with the very famous Couture at that time. In his workshop, he spent a lot of time, but he was not satisfied with the painting of that time. In the room where the artist worked, was apprentice Alexander. A boy of 15 years old, cleaned the workshop and did small things.

Manet made friends with the boy. He began to depict him on his canvases. The boy’s liveliness and energy inspired him. Manet wrote from nature, also created sketches for further work. The painting “Boy with Cherries” depicts exactly that apprentice boy. His playful gaze looks at the viewer. The face is highlighted by sunlight. Manet was a great master at portraits. But seemingly calm and beautiful work has a tragic history.

Once, having come to the workshop, Manet did not find Alexander. He began to look for him and discovered how he hanged himself in the next room. The body was already cold, and a thin rope slammed into the neck. This was a shock for the artist for life. This story also served as the theme for Baudelaire’s Rope.

Mane could not recover from what he saw for a long time, he was looking for himself a new workshop for work. But everywhere he was haunted by the image of Alexander, who once became the inspiration for his portraits. Manet went around many addresses where it was possible to rent a room. Once he found a suitable place, but when he saw a nail in the wall, he ran out. The gallows seemed to him everywhere. How could this cheerful, playful boy do this to him.

Of course, this story went down in the history of world art.

The picture is in France.

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