Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "In the nursery"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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Petrov-Vodkin is a Russian and Soviet artist, graphic artist, art theorist, writer and teacher. Accidents brought him into art, like many artists - at first he met two icon painters, watching whom he felt a desire to take up a brush, and then his mother slipped his son’s drawings to a famous sculptor who was so impressed with Petrov-Vodkin’s work that he brought him with him to St. Petersburg and gave a brilliant education. If not for these two cases, who knows how his creative fate would have developed.

“In the nursery” is one of the paintings devoted to motherhood, which Petrov-Vodkin during a certain period sang with all his works. On some, he invested in him holiness and incomprehensibility - as in the "Petrograd Madonna", for example - in others he showed how maternity was ordinary and how sacred it was.

"In the nursery" - from the second. Sleeping baby in the crib. He turned away from the viewer, the handle is clenched into a fist, the hair is outlined with light strokes that give them fluffy. Toys are assembled, packed in a box, put on the bedside table. A blue blanket covers the baby. Mother stands at the door - she is dressed simply, the emphasis is on her very figure, frozen in the doorway. This figure is large, the picture is slightly slanted diagonally, as if it were pushing the gaze towards it.

The woman holds the jamb with her hand, prepares to close the door with her second hand, and on her face is tired tiredness. She played with the child all day, walked with him, fed him and taught, and when he fell asleep, she felt relieved and at the same time a strange emptiness. Her face is a little perplexed, as if she doesn’t understand why she’s bored, why she’s sad, why she is alone without a baby.

The next moment, she will close the door, go to the TV or the kitchen, but still from time to time she will look into the nursery, turning into a sleepy kingdom. She will be convinced that everything is fine with her son.

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