Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Enisey near Krasnoyarsk”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Enisey near Krasnoyarsk”

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If in Russia there was and is Mother Volga, then in Siberia there is and will be Father Yenisei. This is no less full-flowing river and no less severe. This is a purely Siberian river, but the truth is significantly inferior in length to the Volga. But then Yenisei is a wayward interlocutor.

In the spring it can be so rambling that it doesn't seem enough. But it will never be able to dry. It is replenished with cold taiga springs and small rivers. By the way, he has a brother and sister - Cupid and Lena, also far from calm rivers. And as for the Yenisei, its shores are simply amazing! And what mountain cliffs are there and what kind of forests are taiga and how many are there in this forest of any living creatures - apparently invisible.

But that was then, under Surikov, even before the revolution. By the way, many can say this, why is Surikov, a Russian landscape painter, brought to such a distance? And it was not easy for him to give, it was his native open spaces. It was there that Surikov was born once and until the end of his life he remembered this and came there and on his canvases, no, no, and he would draw the taiga or river banks, or even the Yenisei-priest himself.

And here on the Yenisei’s canvas is full-flowing and winding. We see mountain ranges in the haze that stretch to the water itself. Beautiful places there! And the taiga there is the most genuine and beautiful at all times of the year.

Surikov did not begin to detail the landscape, he made a general background, and it turned out, so that distant beauties and deep-water waters are believed. How many fish then lived in its waters! Old-timers said that even whales once swam. But this is probably most likely legends or fairy tales. But who knows, maybe there is truth in them.

Surikov painted this landscape with tender love, and therefore it did not turn out so cold and somehow gloomy. A lot of it and tenderness, and love and devotion. So thanks to him, we understand that it’s not so harsh there.

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