Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Peasant woman with cornflowers”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Peasant woman with cornflowers”

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Amazing simplicity portrait of a peasant woman. Venetsianov, like no other, skillfully conveyed on his canvases the true beauty of a Russian woman. A simple Russian girl who is busy with cornflowers. This is not to say that life spoiled her. Simple peasant clothes, a scarf on his head and hands, real labor hands. After all, then women worked on equal terms with men and endured all the hardships of hard work both at home and in the field.

We see the sad and tired look of a young peasant woman, and you can only guess what she was thinking. But obviously not about bad ... Maybe that was pleasantly remembered, but maybe that’s sad.

But there is another mystery: how did Venetsianov manage to find such bright types? Indeed, at that time not everyone could agree to pose. For some reason, it was considered a sin to pose for the artist. There was even a belief: they will draw - you will die. And after all this belief often came true. And the artist himself often depicted precisely Russian beauties. The secret is simple: they were serf beauties, so the master ordered that they did. This was used by the Venetians for his work. certainly not so treacherous, but still ...

But how well the artist had a brush. Against a dark background, he portrayed a girl, and her white clothes seemed to highlight her face and therefore, it seems that she is like a sad angel. And the apron on it is clean, but the cornflowers are muffled, not very striking. But how well the face is drawn: hair, forehead, eyebrows, eyes and a slightly cleverly smiling mouth. Still, probably in life, a girl is playful and quick-witted. Yes, and probably no time to mourn.

It only happened to the artist - suddenly sadness erupted. This can be called luck for the artist, he did not have to come up with a pose or openly lie to future visitors to the exhibition. Everything in this portrait is not ostentatious, everything is real.

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