Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Winter in the Forest”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Winter in the Forest”

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Unusual landscape for this artist. And winter is somehow not familiarly depicted here - it’s cold, unprepossessing, unusual. Somehow everything is gray and uncomfortable. Something not snowy, even a wolf is depicted exactly as we imagine a wolf in winter: a hungry hunter. The trees in this landscape are also some kind of blue-gray, in fact, like the sky. White snow only enhances the feeling of grayness and blueness of tree trunks.

Enhances the feeling of emptiness and the fact that the wolf rushes through the forest in search of food, like a person in search of warmth and society. Loneliness, one continuous winter loneliness.

It does not look like Levitan, he is not such a harsh landscape painter. His work is always bright, juicy. But this canvas is really unbearably cold. Probably the artist at that time was not in a very good mood or there was a black streak, because only with such a gloomy feeling could such work be done. But this forest in spring and summer looks very different: everything is green, beautiful and everyone is full. And most importantly, there is no this feeling of loneliness, it’s somehow easier on the heart.

At first, no one liked this canvas, and precisely because of the fact that an unpleasant feeling of cold and loneliness was created. But soon the canvas was examined and even began to extol it. Then a lot depended on critics and specialists, if they approved, then the canvas became sold, and if not, then it simply remained in the artist’s archive. The canvas is now in the Tretyakov Gallery and still attracts attention, as it once did at its first show at the exhibition.

And still, whatever the work, it is done. She told us about what the artist was thinking about and what sensations tormented him. Just like that, through the landscape, he was able to convey his condition to us. And thanks to this, we know that Levitan was not a simple landscape painter, but a true master.

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