Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna in the Tent”

Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna in the Tent”

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The famous Italian artist Raphael created his painting “Madonna in a Tent with the Baby and Little John the Baptist” in Rome in 1514. This was a mature period in the work of the Renaissance titan, when he primarily worked on frescoes. The canvas of Raphael received such a name because of the tent in which the Virgin and baby Christ are located. The picture is made in lively and light, warm colors.

The face of the Madonna is thoughtful and beautiful, she looks at her son with tenderness, care and love, her whole appearance is perfect and at the same time full of earthly captivity. In this picture, she worships the newborn Christ, looking at him with the deepest motherly love. Little Christ, taking a hand on his mother, still turns around, feeling John the Baptist behind him. The artist depicted the robe of the Madonna in traditional red color.

Behind Jesus, little John the Baptist appears to the viewer joyful and happy, he looks with admiration at the Mother of God. The subtle mantle, as well as the color scheme, consists of iridescent shades, which indicates the influence of Venetian painting. The viewer, looking into the frame, feels the graceful movement of the characters in the picture, which gives a particular harmony to the work.

Rafael was rightfully considered the master of the Madonnas. He always believed that motherhood is the most significant thing that can be in a woman’s life. With his painting “The Madonna in the Tent with the Baby and Little John the Baptist”, he sings a song to motherhood and to all kind, happy, touching mothers.

Madonna in this picture is the goddess of femininity, beauty and goodness, which was created to perfect the world. By softening human hearts, he gives people spiritual harmony, developing a divine principle.

Currently, the painting is in Munich, in the old Pinakothek.

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