Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “In the North”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “In the North”

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When it is written on the signboard indicating that this is Levitan’s work, it is possible to accurately determine what a brilliant work will be. Whatever this artist depicts, no matter the format of the work, it will always be incredibly talented. So this canvas is not so big, but very talentedly written.

True, this time Levitan on canvas depicted the harsh northern nature. This is no longer Central Russia with its beauty of birches, oaks and other beauties of the Russian forest. Here the queen of the woods - spruce. But there is a rival - pine. But do not think that in the north do not grow oaks and stuff. There is much there, and of this much there is the most useful for man. Berries, animals, healing plants - all this is in the north.

On the canvas we see the northern river and the sky. It is amazingly beautiful. True, it’s not so blue, but rather everything is gray, so fake because of the clouds. Clouds are reflected in the river, and spruce, even beauties rushed up in the sky. This is not such chic and lush spruce that grow in the suburbs.

This is different because there is not much sun in the north, almost always overcast. And again, despite the bad weather, there is still a lot of things growing there. Of the berries, for example, blackberries, cloudberries, currants ... There is another useful tree in the north - cedar. It gives us very tasty pine nuts. As for living creatures, this is enough in the north. Naturally, bears are from large animals and bison. Of the smaller ones, these are hares, squirrels, and ermines.

In the north, other predators can also live - tigers, lynxes, cheetahs. This, of course, is not on the canvas, but there is practically the whole variety of the northern flora. But the artist did not begin to focus his attention on the grass carpet of this coast, everything is somehow blurry and only the colors indicate that, most likely, the canvas is autumn. And this northern autumn is not nearly worse than other autumn landscapes of the painter.

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