Description of Edward Munch's painting Self-Portrait with a Bottle of Wine

Description of Edward Munch's painting Self-Portrait with a Bottle of Wine

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And here is Munch in front of us. This is the same artist who depicted for us the “Scream”, which became the most often stolen masterpiece and no security can keep this canvas in any museum walls, even in the safe. "Scream" was stolen everywhere and everywhere, and even faked, and only thanks to the vigilance of experts did they find the fake in time and save the original.

On the canvas is the same Munch. Take a closer look at him; he is kind of gloomy here and most likely waiting for dinner. Somewhere far away from him are waiters who are in no hurry to serve him, but he is waiting. And someone is also sitting in the corner and waiting for when they will take an order from him.

Munch did not portray himself gloomy, namely tired. For too long and too much time he spent on establishing himself in the status of an artist that everyone is talking about. They talked about him, but precisely because of the scandals surrounding his paintings. The same “Scream” outraged some critics and they shouted with foam at the mouth that he did not belong in the Academy of Arts, but he didn’t really want to go there.

In principle, he needed only one thing - recognition of his creative ability and the opportunity to earn money for this for his family. In principle, normal aspirations. But as a sin, this did not worry the public much, and most often it listened to the opinion of critics, which did not please the artists and Munch as well.

The self-portrait turned out superficial. He only outlined the features of his face and did not particularly draw details. The main thing in this self-portrait is eyes and hands. The latter are folded in his lap and slightly compressed. This is not despair, this is patience. He patiently waits for dinner to be served; he has already drunk the wine.

At the same time, the background is also very sketchy: rows of tables with white tablecloths, multi-colored walls and windows. And the faces of the figures in the background are not visible at all. So, concentrating all his attention on himself, he did not begin to draw the district in detail. And this is perhaps the most accurate and faithful self-portrait of the artist.

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