Description of the painting by Edgar Degas "Dance Lesson"

Description of the painting by Edgar Degas

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Grace, beauty and sophistication - this is what shows in all the paintings of Edgar Degas dedicated to ballet. The master of painting wrote ballerinas in different techniques, and everything shows that he was always fascinated by the plasticity of young dancers. And at the same time, he understood very well how hard it was to reach the heights of mastery in such an art as ballet.

How many innumerable exercises have to be repeated, to listen to teachings from teachers, sometimes even evil ones, to cross the line of complete exhaustion, until, finally, a dance is born with which you can go out in public.

It is such joyful paintings, painted in oil and pastel, that we see in Degas's work - there young adolescents dressed in air packs are beautiful, but if you look closely, traces of fatigue are sometimes visible on their faces.

Much more than all these, far on the "ceremonial" emotions can be seen on the canvases describing the backstage life of ballerinas. Whether they are resting, putting on their elegant tutus, whether posing in front of a mirror or in front of a photographer, these characters are always vital.

And the girl in the picture “Dance Lesson” also looks organically looking at the machine. More precisely - in one of the paintings with the same name. At first it seems surprising that the young dancer is not beautiful, she even has slightly pointed ears, like elves, a slightly heavy chin.

Most likely, before us is a teenager who has not yet taken shape, an “ugly duckling”, who will soon, very soon become a beautiful swan, but for now - a series of tedious activities that the accompanist playing the violin brightens up.

It seems that he dreams, thinks about something of his own, he seems to be present, but his thoughts are far from here - where his melody carried him away, which he continues to bring out with a bow along the strings. This thoughtfulness is conveyed to the girl, as if she is repeating her exercises exertedly, while she herself is inextricably following the violinist, trying to unravel into what distance his melody called.

Pastel "Dance Lesson" Degas is a real fusion of three types of art: music, dance and painting.

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