Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov “Flowers”

Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov “Flowers”

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It seems a completely invisible canvas, and it does not express anything. Just a part of the table, a corner and flowers are laid out on some white tiles. And not just flowers, namely inflorescences, that is, the very top, the stems are removed. It is almost impossible to determine exactly which flowers.

The rose is noticeable, the brightest spot. Then we can assume that there are cornflowers or twigs of lilac. But this is only an assumption.

Amazingly built composition. The background gave us the floor, and it is visually as close to us as possible, then the corner of something brown - either a table, or cardboard, which lies on the floor. And only on this brown recline flowers.

And now it’s worth telling a little about the author. The thing is that he entered the Russian school of painting as a brilliant artist, having only a few dozen paintings in his luggage. There are portraits of bright canvases, genre and simply landscape. But all this was done under very sad circumstances - the artist from three years old was not healthy and ugly. He was a hunchback.

But this did not stop them from studying at art schools and academies. And even studied at one of the art studios in Paris. He painted beautifully, so many believed. His paintings are now almost all in the Tretyakov Gallery. But the artist himself was never a resident of the capital, he mainly lived in Saratov, and spent the end of his life in Podolsk or Tarusa.

Tarusa became his last refuge. The artist was only thirty-five years old when he died. It is negligible and, unfortunately, he did not have time to fully show his talent. Or maybe it's good that such a talented person left early. He probably could not have survived all those events that had just begun in 1905. After all, it is known how vulnerable, there are such people. He would definitely not be able to survive the revolution.

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