Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Portrait of Paganini”

Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Portrait of Paganini”

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A great musician who knew how to perfectly handle his instrument. They even said that he was connected with the devil, because no one knew how to play the violin, as he did.

It was a fact that he even managed to play on one string. That's because all the strings for the concert burst, but the performance had to be continued somehow, and he continued to play on one string.

Outwardly, Paganini was not pretty, even ugly and many noticed it. And by the way, his appearance also added pluses to the opinion that he is friendly with Satan. But the magic of art attracted many fans to him and his popularity was extremely huge. But when he died, they forgot about him and did not even let him bury him.

For several years, the coffin with his body traveled to Europe, the priests did not allow the body to be interred just because they considered him a diabolical henchman. Wildness! But it worked, and it was possible to bury him four to five years later after the death of the musician. And this was done with great reservations and not as pompous as it could have been if his reputation was different.

Delacroix, being familiar with the musician, persuaded him to pose one day. He agreed, but not for long. So he painted his face from memory. Not only that, he managed to draw his face during the requiem, or rather to finish. Paganini often played the violin, closing his eyes, as if extracting sounds from the soul. This is what the artist depicted and inadvertently emphasized one flaw - the musician was a little limp. Therefore, the Paganini pose on the canvas is by no means even.

The picture itself is gloomy, almost all black, except for the musician’s shirt. By the way, he walked constantly - in black. And it was not from the lack of money for other clothes, but it was the confidence that the black color hides all its flaws.

Be that as it may, but the artist managed to convey both the genius and loneliness of Paganini. It was possible not to hide his flaws and not to overdo it in ugliness. I was able to use the colors to hear the violin.

In the forest in the evening

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