Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Woman with a Fan”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Woman with a Fan”

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The painting was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1909. The painting was painted in the African period, when the painter found inspiration in archaic African art, its primitive forms.

The artist tried to find those means of expression that could express that unique that was open to the inner vision of the painter.

Picasso visited in 1907 an exhibition of African sculpture, which took place near Paris, in the Trocadero Palace.

The artist realized that he finally managed to use those unique tools that would allow him to express the spirit of modernity with maximum force. Picasso’s nature is deliberately deformed. With the help of special strokes, the craftsmen create unusual, as if cut out shapes of each subject.

The artist did not just see the decorativeness of wooden sculptures. He realized that all thoughts and ideas were embodied in them. The painter in his works reflects the special tension and their fullness with drama. We feel the inner complexity of each image.

Picasso created only like nature itself. Each of his creations was a system of signs that were filled with incredible inner meaning. Picasso said that signs are necessary for this. African sculpture helped shape this particular attitude of the artist to his own work.

On the canvas, the details become real plastic signs. We see a lady sitting in a chair. She holds a fan in one hand, and an elegant umbrella in the other. Unusual faces saturate the entire space of this creation. Each object is depicted at a special angle, which allows you to feel the special rhythm of the entire surface as a whole. The lady's face resembles a characteristic ritual mask. It interacts with a vase. The special lighting and the special tone of each detail increase the maximum tension of the game. The look of the model is special. It reinforces a special truly sinister impression.

The whole color of the canvas, which is a special combination of gray and green with spots of a red tint, contributes to the same. Each object is as if hollowed out of wood.

A painter, like a sculptor. He introduces another dimension into the space of painting. Picasso said that sculptures can be created from cut and newly collected paintings.

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