Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Portrait of Stalin”

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Portrait of Stalin”

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Brodsky was not just a brilliant portrait painter, public figure, but also was on a special account with the political elite. It is known that portraits of leaders were trusted to be painted only by the most trusted and responsible artists. That was Brodsky.

For the first time, the artist began to paint the faces of politicians with Lenin after Lunacharsky made a note in the mandate on the ethical and political reliability of the author. So the famous Leniniana was born - a selection of paintings, sculptures, busts of the leader.

Brodsky is an ardent revolutionary.

Being a favorite student of Repin, he was able to graduate from a higher art school only thanks to his teacher, as he was expelled from the institution as a politically unreliable student. The artist draws leaders with inspiration, with excitement and devotion. For several years of work, the author created several dozen paintings depicting Stalin.

Known for his portrait on a red background - "Portrait of Stalin." A bloody canvas, a jacket fastened to all buttons - strictly military-like, a look into the hall from the rostrum, a speech of the leader ... All this clearly symbolizes the era of Stalinism and the triumph of communism. The picture conveys the temperament of Stalin, and also expresses the respect of the author to his sitter.

In all his paintings, Brodsky adheres to warm colors. This is one of the few that “burns” rather than warms, which further emphasizes the solemnity of the captured moment. But, despite this, in the portrait work of Brodsky, Stalin is always calm, often to the point of coldness.

Brodsky was a very extraordinary person, had a "bourgeois" hobby - collecting paintings that he was officially allowed to collect by the current government in deference to the great skill of the artist.

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