Description of the painting “Three” by Vasily Grigorievich Perov

Description of the painting “Three” by Vasily Grigorievich Perov

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This is probably the most amazing and amazing in its simplicity picture. Perov spent a long time looking for nature for these three characters, who with great effort pull a large barrel of water on their children's shoulders. Perov quickly decided on the side characters, but he could not find the central guy. Yes, and few then agreed to go to the studio to pose.

The artist drew a lot of sketch sketches, looking for the face of a child, but could not catch the face of suffering. A composition had already been found, a triple had already been composed - but there was no center face. And once he discovered such a face among beggarly children. I found the parents of this guy - ordinary peasants and began to persuade them to allow him to draw a guy on the canvas. For a long time mother did not agree. The people then were dark and believed in all sorts of superstitions. One of the superstitions: once drawn a person will soon die. This is what scared the poor woman. And yet she agreed.

The canvas was ready. A triumphant future awaited him. At the exhibition, everyone was shocked by the tragedy of the canvas, its sad hopelessness. But once Tretyakov himself noticed that for several days in a row the same woman came up to the canvas and stood crying for a long time. And then he found out that this is the mother of that very “center”. Soon, he spoke about her visits to the artist and he met her at the canvas. As it turned out, the boy died of typhus and therefore she comes to the canvas, because on it he is alive and still healthy. Thus, the very superstition was indirectly confirmed.

"Three" and is now amazing. But look how differently the artist wanted to create his canvas. The sketch has completely different faces and even the composition is completely different. A turn of the heads, a passing pedestrian in the background, the walls of a huge house ... Everything was painted differently on the sketch, and the finished canvas itself was replenished with details and slightly changed the proportions of the feed. But from this the creation did not become worse.

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