Description of the painting Kitagawa Utamaro “Beauty”

Description of the painting Kitagawa Utamaro “Beauty”

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Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro perfectly mastered the famous ukiyo-e technique. He especially liked to draw women.

At first, the artist began with portraits to the chest, but after he began to devote time to details of clothes and some surrounding things. He spent a lot of time in Yoshiwara Chinatown. There, a young talented author painted local geishas. They happily posed for a skilled guy, and he improved his technique.

In order for the background of the image to acquire a characteristic brilliance, he added mica to his work.

It was he who raised a special interest in Japanese painting, but only now his work ended sadly. Authorities sent the artist for an inappropriate portrait of the hero of the story Toyotomi Hideyoshi in prison. There he suffered a psychological breakdown and, after his release from prison, lived only two years.

The portrait of this girl received the simple name "Beauty". That is what the most sophisticated ladies of that time looked like. The face is ideally whitened with special colors, the hair is gathered in a traditional bun, and a paper fan flaunts in the hands. The girl neatly sat down on the ground, resting on her hand.

The author focuses on her colorful outfit. It seems at first that the kimono is dark and unattractive. But then I want to consider the green fabric and white embroidery on the hem. On the right side is a typical Japanese plant in a wide bowl. The female image was very expressive. The girl thought about her life and was in no hurry to correct her kimono, which had fallen off her shoulder.

The artist does not pay attention to details, we do not know where the girl is, at home or on the street. Around her is a yellow-gold background. It is due to this that the lady herself and her pretty outfit are clearly visible. She sits in a very uncomfortable position, but this does not prevent her from being the most beautiful and charming.

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