Description of the painting Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Lake”

Description of the painting Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Lake”

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Brilliant Russian landscape painter.

How photographically accurately conveyed landscape! The picture amazes us with its vastness, a huge, wide lake, a calm surface, in which, like a mirror, small islands, steep sandy banks, heaven with large fluffy cumulus clouds driven by fresh winds are reflected. The blue of the open spaces is simply fascinating!

It seems that the painter deliberately did not depict the foreground of the coast, so that the canvas looked even more extensive, the space was endless, endless - looking at the picture, you might get the impression that you are sailing in a boat on this transparent mirror surface of the waters ...

One can see with what enthusiasm, with what trepidation and love, the artist writes out every little cloud, every tree, how carefully and meticulously he draws water ripples and reflections. One feels how deeply touching and inspiring his nature is.

“Do not slander the nature, seek only the truth, work tirelessly,” the master told his students. And in fact, he wrote very realistically and precisely - to pay at least attention to the thin blue strips of barely noticeable waves, to the reflections of clouds spreading and changing light. Nothing is overlooked, in his paintings everything looks unvarnished, as it is, everything is inspired by the true beauty of nature, which can be comprehended by contemplating and noticing the smallest details around.

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