Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Coco"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Renoir painted this portrait in oil on canvas, which was painted during a very difficult period for the artist when he was in Japan. The canvas depicts a child named Coco, and his writing critics refer precisely to the red period.

Such a picture appears before the viewer, you can see that the master is beginning to gradually move from the impressionistic style, and is trying to discover new solutions in his artistic work. Thus, he tries to use red color in his works and plays with perspective.

At the moment, the artist mainly draws his inspiration exclusively from works with predominant shades of red in his various performances. The fact that the work is simply saturated with great love and extraordinary tenderness is immediately evident. The artist focuses on such a young age of the portrait, his intense and tireless study of the world, indomitable energy.

In this case, these red shades are ideally suited. Despite this, the work is saturated with some notes of impressionism, but it is worth noting that in very small quantities. It can be seen that the artist is about to move away from this technique, and these lines, which deliberately distort the perspective, are made solely because of the inner experience, the emotional conflict that prompts the master to write.

In this portrait, the artist’s solid and confident brush feels especially strong, you can see how the ray of sun is tangled in the hair of the person being portrayed, while thanks to the pale skin that becomes the ideal background, energetic and colorful lips are especially distinguished. Thus, the picture is one of the unique masterpieces, which is a kind of transition between the past and future works of the master.

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