Illustration for the epic Volga by Ivan Bilibin

Illustration for the epic Volga by Ivan Bilibin

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Bilibin was constantly inclined to illustrate various kinds of epics and legends. "Illustration for the Volga bylina" was made in an ornamental graphic and decorative design, which is completely based on the motives of the epics and traditions of the Russian people.

The illustration was made with ink painted in watercolor, while it is worth noting that Bilibin was able to develop his own unique style, the main for which were the patterns and ornaments of ancient Russian culture. So in this work, one can notice the skillful painting of the shield, horse harness and clothing elements of the old Russian hero. At the same time, ornamental wealth is striking, and even after a certain number of years remains relevant, despite the large number of reprints.

The illustration shows an entire army of Russian valiant warriors, their eyes are full of determination, and their hand will not flinch at a crucial moment. They advance at dawn to defend their land from invaders. Warriors, "all are equal, as to selection," are very strong, courageous, enthusiastic, as they defend their families, wives and children.

In general, for the master, the image of the Russian people is very relevant, whether it is a defender or a peasant, and the latter, the artist treats them with special respect. The master also focuses on the endless Russian lands, in this case it is a field that personifies not only Russian lands, but also bread, which is grown in the form of wheat.

The horse on which the rider sits also looks quite powerful, but not aggressive, and its white color is also not a simple coincidence, so the master confirms the purity of intentions. The general composition is also used very interestingly, on which the picture is divided equally, on one side the soldiers and on the other Russian land.

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