Description of the artwork by Pablo Picasso “Beggar old man with a boy”

Description of the artwork by Pablo Picasso “Beggar old man with a boy”

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Picasso paints a picture “Beggar old man with a boy” in 1903, this period of his work is called “blue”. The master’s paintings of these years attract attention with blue and deep blue colors. For Picasso, this is the color of sadness and sadness, emotional melancholy and longing.

The artist is excited about the problems of loneliness, physical disability and poverty, transmitting excitement to the audience of the paintings. Frequent characters of paintings of the "blue" period - the poor, the wretched, tramps, prostitutes and alcoholics. People in the paintings have a detached appearance, they have lost track of time and harmony, both with others and with themselves. Picasso's immersion in blue was caused by the suicide of his close friend.

“Beggar old man with a boy” is an early painting by the master, which shows that he has not yet reached the crown cubism. The main visual aid here is line and monochrome. The old man and the boy are written clearly, truthfully, without embellishment. The picture is full of poetry, lyrics and harmony.

Picasso could easily see the prototypes of the characters depicted on the canvas in Barcelona, ​​where he lived at that time. That is why the old man and the boy are so true. With clear lines, the master draws and shows the viewer the exhaustion of people, the limit of their strength, they are hungry, skinny and almost ethereal. This makes the characters of Picasso inspired. The figures are static, but the lines of the artist show their anxiety, the inner workings of thought. The boy is sad and thinks about something, eating the last food. The old man looks with a sad look forward, he is mysterious and seems majestic like a statue.

The painting "Beggar old man with a boy" by the color spectrum is recognized as the most "blue" in this period. The figures of people and the background are written in deep blue. On the blue wall of the background, the figures of beggars stand out clearly thanks to the dark lines.

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