Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin “Napoleon at the Borodino Heights”

Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin “Napoleon at the Borodino Heights”

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Vereshchagin made a picture called "Napoleon on the Borodino Heights" where he painted Napoleon and his retinue. All officers are dressed in full dress, and this is no accident, much can explain the historical background of this battle. Napoleon understood that this battle would be decisive, proceeding from the fact that he was sure of his victory, he ordered the staff to be at the parade. The master created a fairly large number of similar paintings, where he depersonalizes Napoleon as a great commander.

Napoleon sits on a chair, frowning and staring into the distance. With all his appearance, he shows that he is the head of the entire army of France, his left leg lies on the drum. The master creates a special contrast between the "great" commander and ordinary soldiers, generals and marshals, this becomes evident thanks to the indifferent appearance of the leader and the agitated faces of everyone else who stares into the distance with bated breath in order to go to a big fight at any moment, which, in fact will decide the outcome of the company.

The master, most likely, specially ironically outlined Napoleon’s inability and weakness, against the background of his strong and fearless army, who animatedly gossip about the upcoming battle and everything that is happening. The general’s weakness is most likely due, not so much to personal weakness, but rather to an inability to withstand the great Russian army.

Despite this, the commander sent his army into battle, and now he has such a doomed appearance. And even the position of his body says a lot, this leg, which is shouldered on a drum, can only say that the French drums have already tapped their own.

In addition to the fact that the master meticulously drawn a visible storyline, it is worth paying attention to some details that are present in the uniform of all warriors, an ideal drawing of each detail creates the necessary atmosphere of naturalness, which can indicate a high level of approach to business.

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