Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Seashore"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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In Shishkin’s later works, as well as in this version, the master achieves an ever deeper softness in conveying not only the emotional state, but also the image itself, as the integrity of the picture of its forms. As can be seen on this canvas, the master creates more and more softness along with various gradations of tone and more and more colorful picturesqueness. One of the best works, rightfully is the "Seashore".

Despite the fact that according to historical information it is known that this landscape is a landscape of the northern edge, the master was able to perform the work very warmly. Despite the absolutely deserted coast, which brings some loneliness and to some extent sadness. The master also focuses on the sea surface, which goes into the distance. You can observe how bare branches are watching all this, as if approvingly shaking their heads from gusts of wind.

Due to the fact that the artist uses an excellent contrast of white and black colors, a unique free stroke is created, which, apparently, the artist subsequently shaded, from which the viewer may think that the sand acquires movement all from the same gusts of wind. Thanks to this masterful transfer of the naturalness and vitality of the captured landscape, the whole picture acquires an internal dynamics, brightened up by the emotional state of the artist.

A special entertainment of the picture is achieved thanks to the thickened clouds, which, straying into dense twists, form a dense scarf that envelops a piece of the sky, visible in the picture. All in total conveys a certain excitement of nature, ready to explode at any time. Toli it will be a sharp gust of wind, which by its strength will pluck leaves from the trees. There may be heavy rain, which instantly turns everything around into a homogeneous wet picture, which will be poorly visible due to the dense wall of rain.

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