Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “Oak Grove. Fall"

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “Oak Grove. Fall

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Landscape painted on canvas with oil. An accurate and deep image of autumnal nature in an oak grove. Levitan was very fond of nature and in this picture revealed his love as fully as possible. The landscape depicts oak trunks, picturesquely scattered throughout the space of the picture. The crowns intertwine with each other, forming an autumn foliage dome, stunning with its brightness and color saturation. The trunks of the trees are so realistic that you want to touch them. Thick, thin, curved, bifurcated, even just hemp - the artist managed to fit and reflect everything in his painting.

The entire space between the trees is carpeted with lush and beautiful autumn foliage, which in some places still argues with summer greenery, which does not allow itself to be covered. A bright strip along the entire landscape is the image of a trail in a grove located between trees. It turns out a kind of alley in an oak grove.

But most of all, the whole picture is striking in its color saturation. It so organically combines all the shades of autumn that once again you are convinced of the beauty and charm of the Russian forest at this time of year. Meanwhile, greens are fully present. And the grass, and in some places the foliage depicted by the artist is still quite fresh and green, which gives a special multi-colored picture. Dark, almost black trunks of oaks merge with lush yellow-orange crowns into a single palette of autumn colors. Separate strokes of burgundy and brown colors complement the overall color scheme.

Looking at the picture, I want to close my eyes and breathe in the aroma of the autumn oak grove. The fresh, stupefying smell of foliage as if through the picture sneaks right into a person, forcing him to find himself there, among beautiful oaks. All the artist’s love for Russian nature, for its unique beauties is felt in every brushstroke, in every sheet and every line.

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