Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “June Day”

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “June Day”

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The landscape, depicting a wonderful warm summer day, is painted in oil on canvas. Since the author was very interested in painting of the French impressionists, this could not, will not be reflected in his own work. The painting "June Day" is no exception. However, along with impressionism in the landscape, one can feel the mood and compositional structure of the author himself. His own essence, as a lover of landscapes and nature.

The picture depicts a forest strip on the horizon, depicted in juicy, bright, saturated green tones of various shades. Nearby are several trees in a larger close-up. On each of them a lush crown is carefully drawn, which seems to swing under the blow of a warm summer wind. In the foreground comes the juicy greens of the grass with a multicolored flowering tops. Here pink, blue, burgundy, white, yellow and gently lilac small flowers are organically combined with a dense green carpet of herbs. Looking at this landscape, I want to be there, in that clearing, in the midst of pristine nature and endless fields.

Another emphasis in the picture is made on the edge of an uncompressed cornfield with high standing lush and soft ears. The border between the field and the flower meadow with trees is shown very clearly and structurally. Ears are shown by very dense and dense thickets, different in color from all other details of the picture. Light green, very delicate with darkening tops, as if asking for a hand. The whole cornfield seems to tremble from the breeze, as evidenced by the ears of corn tilted in different directions.

The sky is very clear, painted in a palette of blue shades from lighter to almost blue. A single light cloud organically complements the charm of the vault of heaven.

The general appearance of the picture evokes positive emotions, lightness and a positive attitude. A real piece of summer at any time of the year.

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