Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Violin and Guitar”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Violin and Guitar”

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When a simple layman looks at this very canvas, for a long time he cannot understand where the violin is here and where the guitar is. And for a long time examining it, the average man will nevertheless depart from the canvas, without understanding anything. Although, in fact, Picasso depicted here not so much these two instruments, but their music, their soul. And apparently their souls are the same, just the feed is different. But still, if you take a formal look at the canvas, you can notice the guitar and the violin.

In principle, in the manner of his painting, Picasso did not go far from his friend Dali. But only if the latter can still somehow decipher his canvases, then Picasso is somewhat more difficult to do. You feel intuitively that this is about music, but it is impossible to convey the music itself, but the artist proved that it is quite real. And yet he conveyed, but in a different way - light and pattern, confusion and harmony. Everything is somehow together and not apart! But it turned out something harmonious and musical and passionate, despite the calm colors.

Picasso is true to himself, you will never get a normal portrait or drawing from him, or a landscape or still life. It will always be abstract, it will always be visually defiant, bold and never immediately answering your questions. You just have to stand in front of the canvas and think: “What are you talking about, great creature?” and if fantasy plus your education gave you the right answer, then you understand Picasso’s thought. And to understand his thoughts is to comprehend that which is unknown to many, and if this happens, you can safely enlist yourself in philosophers.

It’s just that not everyone is given the genius of Picasso, not everyone can hear his music, his thought, understand his imagination, and therefore for many years he was considered to put it mildly strange. And it’s good that they managed to recognize during the lifetime as a great master. At least he realized that they began to understand him.

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