Description of William Turner "Shipwreck"

Description of William Turner

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The worst death is on the water and in the air. Neither above nor below will save you and nothing. The only thing is that you will die instantly in the air, you will still suffer for some time in the water. But if in the sky trouble can happen purely because of the human factor, then in the sea - nature itself can become the arbiter of fate. And here it’s how lucky and depends on much to live or not to live: from the captain, from the passenger neighbors, from the transience of the storm.

Turner is certainly not Aivazovsky and it’s unlikely he could have conveyed the sea as beautifully as our Russian marine painter does ... But he managed to convey the tragedy, he could convey the taste of death. Pay attention to the fact that almost the entire canvas is black - both the sea and the sky. But here the central part is slightly highlighted and we see that somewhere in the depths of the canvas a large vessel almost goes to the bottom, and in the foreground those who managed to board the boat and two more have come to their aid to fight for their lives. But they risk being sunk. Some people were in the water and on a boat trying to pull them out of the water.

But the upper skiff threateningly hung over the boat and it is likely that the wave will throw it on the unfortunate, and then all who were on these two ships will die. The second skiff tries to sail and it seems he succeeds. But how terrible it should be, to watch how someone nearby dies, but you cannot help. This is scary. And black waves are raging around, ready to cover these little ships and accept new victims for the god of water Poseidon.

But the artist still gives some hope to the shipwrecked. Somewhere in the distance a bright streak of light is visible in the sky, which means that the weather will soon pass, the sea will calm down and you can breathe more freely. But this is not so soon, and people still have time to die. This is scary and insulting, just a little to the point of clarity.

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