Description of Claude Monet's painting “Women in the Garden”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Women in the Garden”

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Impressionism, characteristic of Monet's work, was reflected in his picture. Four women rest in nature in the shade of a spreading tree.

The garden is beautifully groomed - clean, as if just a cleaned path, neat bushes. The fragrance of nature, peace and thirst for life come from the picture.

The viewer understands that the canvas depicts summer time, a hot time. Ladies are dressed in light, light dresses made of delicate cotton. On young ladies clothes with magnificent skirts in the spirit of the time.

Monet does not fixate the attention of the audience on women - their images are drawn clearly enough, and at the same time, he did not pay much attention to their external attractiveness in faces and figures. Monet wants to convey to the viewer to a greater extent the beauty and laconicism of nature, its flowering, which is especially harmonious in the presence in this landscape of several young and pleasant women.

Most likely, the ladies went for a walk, rejoicing in the beautiful weather. The young lady in the foreground crouched on the grass - three others are standing. In her hands is an umbrella - of course, it protects its delicate skin from bright sunlight. Each of the women seems to be busy with her interesting business, however, it is clear that they are all together.

The weather is fresh and warm, the sky is bright, bright. On such a day, it's time to walk with friends in nature. The enjoyment of the wonderful nature is readable on the faces of all four women. They enjoy the weather, enjoy the fragrance of flowers - it is the feminine essence that most harmoniously combines with natural splendor. Women themselves are like flowers: light and airy, they seem to soar above the meadow, dissolve in the air in this wonderful park.

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