Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Alushta"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Ivan Aivazovsky created the painting "Alushta" in 1878, it is currently stored in the art gallery of the city of Feodosia, bearing the name of the artist.

The landscape depicts the Crimean city of Alushta. The image of the ordinary southern town is transferred to the canvas by the master. Spectators can see a wonderful picture of a warm summer morning on the sea coast and magnificent mountains.

You can understand that the canvas shows exactly the morning time due to the warm shades of paint. Air, mountains and the sea are literally saturated with morning sunshine. And only the high mountains in the background are painted with pale and translucent bluish, and somewhere even shades of silver. The sea is depicted as calm, without a single wave, solemn.

Ivan Aivazovsky is a marine painter, always paying close attention in his paintings to the pestilence and the sky. In this creation, he deviates from his rule and depicts on the shore a genre scene with small details taking place near the walls of an ancient fortress. The picture clearly shows the Aluston fortress, built by the Roman emperor Justinian. Most likely, an important event for the history of the city is depicted here. This is evidenced by a crowd of smartly dressed people standing on the shore, a team in a boat raising oars (giving them fireworks).

A chaise with two horses in front drives to the shore, possibly an important city person. In the lower left corner of the picture are depicted under a spreading green crown of a tree a middle-aged plump man in a black suit and two little girls dressed in beautiful white dresses. All figures are spelled out with true craftsmanship.

Aivazovsky loved to be in the south of Crimea, he was inspired by the local landscape, beautiful nature, calm sea and magnificent mountains. The artist himself said that it is impossible not to be inspired by the poetry of this place.

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