Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Princess Sophia in the Novodevichy Convent”

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Princess Sophia in the Novodevichy Convent”

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The painting "Tsarevna Sophia in the Novodevichy Convent" was I. Repin's first work on historical subjects. It was written in 1879. The plot was based on real events in 1698, when a rebellion was raised against Peter I. It turned out that the elder sister of the governor, Sofya Alekseevna, was blamed for everything, which was sent to the Novodevichy Convent as a punishment for what she had done.

Repin's idea was to convey the drama of a strong woman who was deprived of freedom as much as possible. This can be seen not only in her posture, but also in the expression on her face.

The artist depicted the deposed princess in full growth. True masculinity and strength were expressed in a somewhat “manly” figure and arms crossed on his chest. The characteristic that Kramskoy gave this painting is considered one of the most accurate: "Sofya Alekseevna looks like a tigress, who was caught and locked in an iron cage."

Most of the time the artist spent on the face of the princess. Tight lips tightening, bulging eyes, angry eyebrows shifted. In addition, if you look closely at the picture, you can see the contrast between unkempt hair and beautiful, expensive clothes. All this indicates a certain internal confusion of Sophia. He embodies fear. And in order to demonstrate this clearly, Repin also portrayed a frightened nun, squeezed into a corner.

All other details of the picture were created in order to emphasize the main image. Dark lighting, discreet interior, shadows, grills. All this creates a strong psychological tension, which conveys the general mood of the artist.

"Princess Sophia" is considered the property of world culture. Repin's debut in a historical portrait is still considered one of the most striking among artists of that era.

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