Description of the painting Nikolai Krymov “First Snow”

Description of the painting Nikolai Krymov “First Snow”

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The painting was painted in 1917.

Already in the first paintings of Krymov one can feel the vision of Russian nature through the eyes of a city dweller. Not everyone can see the beauty between the roofs of houses. You must be a real artist to feel the secret life in the bustle of the city.

In the picture of Krymov we see the land on which the first snow fell. Its still quite a bit. Trees still stand dressed in autumn outfits. Only in some places lies snow. Through the trees you can see the house. In the foreground is a usual, seemingly unremarkable slope. How many times people went here daily, but no one noticed the beauty that is hidden here. Only Krymov managed to see the mysterious charm, which he tried to convey in his painting.

All colors are rather gloomy. Brown shades prevail here. Through the branches you can see the sky is dark almost gray. Chunks of white snow are the only bright spot in the picture. The shadows falling on them give them a grayish tint. But the picture leaves a very bright impression, due to the fact that all the tones are unusually warm and as soft as possible.

The landscape was built completely by accident. The viewer even thinks that this is an ordinary frame from a movie or photograph. The colors are so soft and deliberately muffled that it even seems that we are having a pleasant dream, and before our eyes are replaced by one another picture. The picture of nature is unreal and at the same time as real as possible. Each of us sees such landscapes, rushing to work in the morning. There is no time for a person living in a city. It seems that in order to enjoy nature, you need to go out of town. But this is not true. There is nature in the city, but it is inconspicuous. The artist’s skill is not only to see this charm, but also to convey it in his works.

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