Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Autumn landscape”

Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Autumn landscape”

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Russian artist Efim Efimovich Volkov worked in the style of realism. The life stream, which shone on his masterpieces, forced to delve into all the beauty of nature. A special direction of the artist are images of Russian nature. Involuntarily you connect all the landscape painter’s canvases with poetry.

The masterpiece of Efim Volkov "Autumn Landscape", was created in 1897. Refinement, animation of the surrounding Russian world are present in their perfection on the canvases of Yefim Volkov.

The painter's gaze is directed at the spacious forests that are located above the river. The picture qualitatively shows the early season of autumn. Madam is only about to host her possessions. Only in some places trees are painted with unusual tones of colors. In the center you can see the breadth of nature, as she calls for a walk in the autumn hour. The leaves are reddish, bright yellow, glowing on the horizon of the early autumn trees, which are marked by a dark, almost gloomy pine robe.

The spacious river proudly and quietly spread its water currents. Their gloss is not disturbed by the breath of the wind. The water cover is like a mirror in which autumn birches look, having estimated a new autumn outfit. Bright yellow trees show the image of women who, not so long ago, were carefree and joyful, suddenly seeing their indescribable feminine charm. Admiring their autumn look, they do not seem to believe in such an amazing beauty. The clouds, looking into the river, admire the beautiful transformation of temperate birches into golden beauties.

The charming attraction of an autumn day, the artist shows in his painting Autumn Landscape. Admiring the delicate style of nature drawn through the canvas, you imagine that this is reality. As if in the process of the artist's work, nature itself prompted the desired motive, which must be depicted in the picture.

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