Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Unselected table"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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I. Grabar was an outstanding personality even among his famous contemporaries. He painted, and wrote, taught and studied himself. After the European trip, under the impression of the French impressionists and post-impressionists, Grabar created a whole series of still lifes resembling impressionism in the technique of execution. Among these still lifes, one of the famous is the "Unselected Table".

Filled with short and thick strokes, the picture harmoniously combines all the elements of a still life into a single color whole. This is achieved thanks to the masterfully reproduced color highlights.

The play of light in the space of the picture and the very environment of the still life are transmitted by the same technique. Here, each element (object) has its own texture: dishes, glasses, wineglasses and a glass shine, transparent glass playfully conveys saturated colors through itself, and a bouquet of flowers combines tenderness with brightness. In this lies I. Grabar’s performance of the poetry of the world around him. Everything is close in our ordinary surroundings. But in the picture, the composition is not random. Everything is thought out here.

The discarded edge of the tablecloth interrupts the color scheme of the table and connects it with the surroundings, at the same time showing that there were your own at the table. And why the untidy table. Maybe this motive gives the picture a natural look? So think: maybe in a hurry? Maybe they were in a hurry, especially since not everyone had a drink. Or maybe there were heated discussions about art and painting? And it is possible.

In any case, the “Unselected Table” by I. Grabar, along with other paintings from a series of early still lifes, falls on a turning point for the genre in Russian painting. At the beginning of the twentieth century in Russia, still life became equal with other genres. Here, of course, is the merit of I. Grabar, the creator of a series of distinctive still lifes, including the “Unselected Table”.

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