Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan "Blossoming Apple Trees"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan

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The painting was painted in 1895

Levitan was able to feel the quiet life of nature itself. He could masterfully convey the full charm of the usual landscape, find splendor in the familiar and seemingly unremarkable.

The viewer sees the blooming apple trees. In spring, all nature only wakes up from a winter stupor. Greens are incredibly gentle and bright. Her colors are still very clean and youthful.

How beautiful are the flowering trees. Bright blue sky and flowers of apple trees on its background. What could be more beautiful? It seems that the sky is covered with snow-white lace of the finest work. Nature is a wonderful craftswoman, creating magnificent creations that are beyond the control of human hands. Levitan knew how to see this charm.

The artist was a real master. He could pick up such paints to most fully convey the most important thing in every landscape. No one else could feel and show the life of nature, its mysterious charm, which is hidden in the absolutely ordinary.

We see a very ordinary apple orchard. It is filled with white boiling incredibly delicate flowers. In the foreground is a bench on which you can sit to fully enjoy the special silence, listen to the mysterious sounds and enjoy the spring nature. The whole picture inside is filled with a special light, thanks to which the audience remains an incredibly warm impression. Levitan used incredibly rich colors that allow you to experience the true reality of all that is shown in the picture.

Each of us has seen similar pictures, but the trouble is that we are always in a hurry somewhere. We have no time to stop to notice the beauty, there is no time to hear the birds singing and the rustle of grass. The creation of Levitan helps people to feel it. It turns out that ordinary nature can be fabulously beautiful. It remains only to be surprised how we did not see this charm ourselves.

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