Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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Self-portrait is the most interesting genre, since each artist deviates somewhat from his inherent features of creativity when writing himself. In addition, often the real appearance of the artist may be very different from self-portrait. But in this case, the image of himself as an artist is conveyed surprisingly accurately and unusually.

On Vrubel’s self-portrait, we see a middle-aged man. He is dressed in a suit, he looks aristocratic. The man looks statistically and respectably, looking about 40-45 years old. He does not look like an official, does not look like a clergyman. Its appearance in some invisible way betrays creative nature. Under Vrubel’s jacket, there is a white shirt with a high collar, in place of a tie a motley neckerchief.

The artist has thin, neat facial features, he is thin. The head is slightly raised, the artist looks down on the viewer. However, in his eyes it is impossible to read arrogance. He looks sadly.

The artist has a neat mustache and a small beard on his face. Hair carefully combed back. The artist’s hair is very gray, wrinkles are perceptible around his eyes.

The portrait is painted in black and white pencil colors. The face is drawn very clearly with the smallest details, the realism of the portrait is comparable to the photo image. And the background of the picture and the clothes of the artist himself are depicted by the sweeping, careless, fuzzy lines characteristic of Vrubel.

Thus, he once again emphasized the absence of special significance in these details, however, without them the self-portrait would not have been completed. In the end, we observe a picture that does not at first glance look like a sketch, a kind of cartoon made with a pencil in a short period of time. However, peering into the portrait, the perfection of details and the enormous work that the artist put into this portrait more and more clearly appears to us.

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