Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Winter landscape"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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The painting was painted in 1919.

Many artists loved such a genre of painting as landscape. It was in nature that artists directly reflected their own feelings and innermost thoughts.

The background of many of Kustodiev’s works was precisely the winter landscape. We see festivities. The artist himself seems to be on a dais, from which he sees everything that is happening. This allowed the painter to cover the whole landscape as a whole.

The picture shows a clear frosty day. The landscape is so colorful that the feeling of a joyful holiday is involuntarily created. Kustodiev used the brightest colors to convey the true beauty of winter. All snowdrifts are as embossed as possible. Trees covered with hoarfrost resemble festive fireworks.

At first glance, it might seem that nature is not so real. Too bright and unnatural colors. But in this picture the whole Kustodiev. So he saw the Russian countryside. There are so many rich colors that create a joyful mood. It seems that the whole picture is simply riddled with celebration and fun. The painter was able to masterfully convey this through. It would seem insignificant details. Everything is important here, every little detail is necessary for the overall composition and holistic perception.

In the foreground, we see two figures in elegant clothes. They are talking enthusiastically about something. Their faces are not registered in detail, and this is not necessary. The artist's goal is to convey an unusually joyful feeling of a merry winter day, which is tangible in all the details of this picture.

The dynamics of the entire plot of the picture is attached to the sleigh that rushes in the background. They are an important element of many paintings by the artist. With it, movement is transmitted. We feel that the picture is not static. It seems that we are about to hear the ringing of a bell and hear a cheerful laugh.

In its composition, Kustodiev’s work resembles popular prints.

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