Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "The Flood"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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In the museum of the city of St. Petersburg, an amazing painting by the artist-marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, entitled "The Flood", is stored. The creation of the painting began in 1864. The masterpiece depicted the faith of the marine painter. A huge number of paintings were created on biblical themes. The Flood is the epitome of beautiful Bible stories. The versatility of the art of Ivan Aivazovsky never ceases to amaze. The ability to convey life and emotions on paper with paints makes every person who has seen the artist’s creation at least once in his life breathe hard.

The foamy sea appears again in the picture of the great marine painter. This art canvas clearly shows the wild life of the sea, rather than a tale from the Bible. The emphasis is on the sea, its beauty and rigidity, the contours of the artist’s brush show the advantage of sea waves over all.

The catastrophic wave crest spares no one. Clear laws have been established by which the sea element lives. They are inexorable and cruel. Maritime luxury overshadows the full look of art, as power stands out with the speed of thought. It was very important for the creator to show how strong nature can be before man. It is impossible to defeat her, and if he fell into the depths of the sea - do not return back.

People who die in the sea abyss, show the role of this cataclysm. The powerful element attracts attention as strongly as hypnosis. An alluring sad set of colors predicts death and inability to be saved. The contrast of the artwork complements the horror and despair of a person who was left alone with the sea element.

Together with water, sins and darkness go away, this is not death - the artist showed. The presented element is a glimpse of hope and faith, through darkness and sadness. For people, the only chance to purify and receive mercy from the creator. The final result of the picture involves a way out of the abyss into another world - the region of good and light.

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