Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “In the Forest in Autumn”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “In the Forest in Autumn”

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Isaac Levitan was a true master of landscapes. Most of his landscapes are called masterpieces even by the most demanding critics. At the same time, Levitan not only redrawn nature, but also wedged his whole soul into each of his paintings. Due to this, they are all very emotional.

The painting "In the Forest in Autumn" was made using pastel colors. That is, they are not catchy, not bright, not striking. Due to this, we can imagine that we are an integral part of the picture itself. In addition, this makes it easier to perceive the canvas, since it can be quite difficult to understand the essence of a too colorful picture.

The picture of Levitan shows that he actually loved nature. With great love, he belonged to his native places, where he spent his childhood and youth, because at that very time all the most interesting moments happened in his life.

This canvas depicts a landscape characteristic of Russian forests. In the foreground you can see the still not yellowed meadow. This suggests that on the street so far only the beginning of autumn. Although most likely - on the street in October. This can be judged by the fact that the poplar is visible from behind, the leaves of which have already turned orange. Nature is slowly preparing for the onset of winter. The animals are not visible in the picture. They are now busy with other things, because soon the first frosts will appear, and by this time you still need to stock up on food for the winter.

Levitan depicted one of the days in mid-autumn. The sun is still shining, but now its rays are not as warm as before. The sky is clear, blue. So the weather is good. The artist depicted a coniferous grove on his canvas. Like many other artists, Isaac loves conifers, because they are characteristic of Russian nature.

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