Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "The Black Circle"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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The painting was created by Malevich in 1923.
We see just a big black circle, which is depicted in a white square. The composition, at first glance, is as primitive as possible. But it has a deep, almost philosophical meaning. The value of this work is incredibly great not only for understanding the meaning of Malevich’s work, but also for all the paintings of the modern era.
Kazimir Malevich was constantly attracted by the amazing and infinitely complex magic of three basic forms - a square, a cross and a circle. If the idea of ​​a genius about the initial element of all being is conveyed in Black Square, then in the Black Circle the artist’s world is further developed. In this creation, all the statics of the square takes on a certain dynamic.
The cross, square and circle of the artist Malevich are the three main whales on which he based the Suprematism of his work. It was these first figures that acquired a truly programmatic meaning and formed the basis of the entire plastic system created by the artist.
The Black Circle is an example of pointless painting, which Kazimir Malevich himself called Suprematism (another realism in painting). For the artist, this visible non-objectivity is a conclusion from the entire existing world of objects, a completely new aspect, maximally revealing not only the breadth of space, but also the entire Universe. The forms created by Malevich are in some kind of weightless state; they seem to fly, relying on nothing. The black circle is an incredibly important module of a system of a plastic nature, a great potential of a style-forming nature of a completely new idea, which Malevich called Suprematism.
It is from the original “Black Circle” that Malevich creates his ingenious creation “The Black Square”, by which he finally eliminated the eternal problem of the circle and square, which worried all mathematicians for a long time and which they could not solve in any way.

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