Description of the painting Pablo Picasso "Dance"

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso

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“Dance”, written by Pablo Picasso in 1925, is called “Three Dancers” (sometimes “Three Dancers”) and is considered a painting whose date of writing is the start date of the period of surrealism in the artist’s work.

What caused such a negative emotionally expressive coloring of the picture, and why was such a plot chosen? One of the reasons for the heavy mood in the picture is called the difficulties in relations between Pablo and his wife, Olga Khokhlova, which were going to break. Hence the plot: the ballet circle was very close to the woman, and in an attempt to portray him, according to art historians, Picasso could not resist his mood and emotions.

Another reason for depicting three dancing figures was a love triangle, witnessed by an artist. His friend, drawn into this relationship, shot himself because of his lover, who then became the wife of another, whom she always loved. However, the latter died just in 1925, while painting.

As already mentioned, this is the artist’s first work in the genre of surrealism. In it, the author disassembles the bodies of dancers and dancers, then composing from them new ones that shimmer into bizarre shapes and figures, creating many shadows and images. The faces of the characters express emotions, which are difficult to recognize because of their symbolic image. All these dances take place in a room with a yellow floor and black-brown open doors.

It was widely believed that family problems caused people to hold hands as weird, mutilated toys, like puppets on strings. But only in 65, Picasso gave an explanation that the painting depicts "Dance of Death" associated with the death of two good friends of the artist because of a girl who did not bring happiness in marriage to either one or the other.

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