Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “On the harvest”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “On the harvest”

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Alexey Gavrilovich Venetsianov is a great Russian artist who painted a large number of unique paintings that reflect the life and work of the peasant people. “On the Harvest” refers to the best world works and deserves special attention from the public.

A field of ripe rye opens in front of us, which has been removed in some places, and in some places remains to be developed. The labor of the Russian people is difficult and hard, despite everything in the picture breathes peace and quiet. Mother sat down to rest and feed her baby, who is next to her, he simply has nowhere to put. Nearby lies a sickle with which she does not part for days, in order to complete the work as quickly as possible. The harvest is heavy, it takes a lot of effort and time to collect the entire hay crop on time.

She is calm, she enjoys relaxing and chatting with her child, she looks into the distance at a ripe cornfield and clouds, low-set, running across the sky.

The artist uses the warm and kind outlines of the plot. The colors are delicate and incredibly pleasing to the eye, I want to plunge into this pool with my head and enjoy the fresh smell of hay, nature.

Bright red color clearly looms against the background of yellow rye, and for good reason, it shows the superiority of man over nature. Sooner or later, the people will end the harvest and the time will come for rest and peace. Looking at the canvas, one smells of purity and freshness, kindness and peace, tranquility and fertility, is it not happiness to sit and enjoy such marvelous beauty.

A clear horizon shows the difference between the elements of earth and air, we need to work hard and long on the earth, and heaven brings us heaven and the bliss of being. The picture makes you think, dream, and also reflect on the theme of life, the world, your place in it and its purpose.

Only the great masters of their craft can write such grandiose and unique works of art by force.

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